Turns and Swamps 轉向與沼澤

Turns and Swamps 轉向與沼澤

Turns and Swamps 轉向與沼澤

Turns and Swamps

Turn left, turn right, go ahead

How many turns I took I did not count

And sure sometimes I did not know where it led

Perhaps to the deepest swamp there was

Stumbled, tricked, abandoned and trapped

Foolish not looking further, thinking deeper!

When I struggled out the first time

All dizzy and muddy and messy

I swore never to fall again

Less and less stepping into swamps and pitfalls

More and more walking on the steady lane

Oh so steady I slipped through it in a whirl

And I realize how much I miss the swamps

Next, next time I turn I may not remember

In every single turn I become fuller.


左轉 右轉 直走

幾次轉向 我不細數



跘倒 被騙 遺棄 囚身

早該看得更遠 想得更深!


暈呼呼 髒兮兮 一團糟

我發誓 下不為例

從此 不再陷落 泥沼 陷阱

走在 康莊大道之上

平順得 我傻呼呼 一蹓而過

然後 發現我有多懷念 那些澤地

下次 下次轉向我未必記得

每次轉向 我更完熟


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Filed under Original Poetry 原創詩

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