How to Enjoy Hearthstone—and Everything Else in Life 如何享受爐石—以及生命中的其他一切


How to Enjoy Hearthstone—and Everything Else in Life

1. Take no shortcut to success . Because there is none— only ones to accelerated failure in disguise.

2. You have little to begin with, but there are ways to work up the ladder with that—You just need to find them.

3. You have little power over what is dealt to start with. But you can learn deliberate strategies to play with them and get the best out of it. People have developed them over time.

4.There are different modes to play, with very different sets of rules and fun.

5. Sometimes messing around and losing is more enjoyable than working hard and winning.

6. There are simple proven ways to be good at it: work very hard.
有簡單且經証實的變得優秀的方法: 非常努力。

7. Some ways are easier to pick up, and work better for you than others do, and vice versa. Be open and flexible to switch.
有些方法對你而而言比較易上手,也較有效; 反之亦然。保持開放,靈活轉變。

8. There are bound to be times that are boring and repetitive. If you stick with it long enough, the rewards are worth it.

9. You have no right to say ways invented by others are rubbish just because they don’t work for you—unless you have tried them so many times you know about them better than everyone else do.

10.You don’t need to be good at every way. Pick some and be excellent at them will do.

11. There are things you need to be prepared for—matters of life and death.

12. Be nice to nature or it will rise against you.

13. Some people look to be born talented; no, they are either not that good indeed or they just work harder than the others to become that good.
有些人看來天賦其才; 不,他們要不名過其實,要不就比誰都努力才能至此。

14. There is no rule as to how to play. Even the sky isn’t the limit— not as much as doctrines that keep you from trying.

15. Do not hope to be saved by those in power; save yourself.
不要期望手握實權的人去救你; 救你自己。

16. There is always the luck factor in the equation. Just breathe and laugh at it when it shits on your face.



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