How do you start e-reading?

First, congrats on considering how to start reading e-books! Many people to this date still disregard reading electronic books as something inferior/not worth the time /less ‘noble’ than reading books on paper—biased, if not ungrounded at all. And they have zero benefits with regards to acquiring the habit of reading itself.

Owning an electronic device built for the sole purpose of reading is one of the most effective way to get one into the habit of reading. And that’s prime in this age of distractions, where sitting down to read a book is easily compromised by instant messages, social media notifications and the inconveniently acquired habit of checking your smartphone every two minutes.

If you are any serious about building a habit of reading e-books, I cannot recommend enough for you to buy a Kindle. There are several reasons. First, the device is built for reading, with its e-ink screen that guarantee the least burden for your eyes in any read lasting longer than fifteen minutes, compared to a normal LCD screen of the smartphone/ tablets. Second, the Kindle comes with one the biggest e-book distributors on earth —Amazon, with its well-developed complimentary services and a  mature readership who can share experience both in using the device as well as where you can find free books. Last, I personally find the Kindle (I only own a Paperwhite gen 3, so judge for yourself)a sleek and solid build.

As for finding books to read when you start, your own interests should be the most reliable guide. Pleasure, learning, and inspiration have been my three pursuits as regards to reading, but that’s just me. Fiction, nonfiction, biographies. history, economics, technological material—start with anything you could jump at, anything that interest you when you are browsing on the site. Download a sample and have a taste; read the reviews, but above all, read the whole thing if you find it any good.

Just a click away from finding your potential great read feels good

Start reading, and keep at it. Drop anything that becomes a burden, and pick what provides pleasure, and you will hardly be misguided.


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